zaterdag 21 november 2015

De wereld draait


of gaat ie door?

bofransson: “ Edouard Vuillard (1868-1940) Nature morte avec bouteille et carafe ”: themirame:  ‘A March Moment’ - by Colley Whisson:
gedekte tafels blijven,
de zon schijnt
ondanks het verdriet bij velen...

 : BoldBrush Painting Competition Winner - March 2011 | Prawdziwa Matka (Natural Mother) by Andrew Kish III: Daily Paintworks - "Massai Mother II" - Original Fine Art for Sale - © Judy Downs:
de veiligste plaats voor een kind...

Basra, Iraq. 3/28/03 - A few days after crossing the Iraqi frontier, British Army lines were edging closer to Basra. Roads were jammed with local people heading towards us. On May 28 we made it into the city limits. As the British got close, a barrage of mortars was unleashed by Iraqi forces. I saw a group of civilians running towards me passing a destroyed tank. Within seconds we had to dive under the same tank as mortar shells exploded around us. (Image by Chris Helgren, Reuters): ...alhoewel !  ( Irak)

Akvareller 2011 - "Best Friends Forever" by Kip Hayes: print of mother and son embracing by PrintIllustrations on Etsy:

op de vlucht...

Gul Chin Alozai, 2, waits with her family to enter a refugee camp at the  Chaman border crossing in Pakistan.  Many families are desperate for food.: laiba Hazrat, age 6. Candid photos of Afghan refugee children playing in a slum on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan.: #Syria #revolution #Syrian Child:

wie zorgt voor ons?

pic.php (582×394): Syrian refugees - The Big Picture - #narenjtree:

Wanneer komt er vrede?

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David Gascoigne zei

Some very moving images. Is the world ever going to be at peace. I doubt it.